Books published by Greg Mac Gregor and selected books with photos published




"Deus Ex Machina"  by Greg Mac Gregor, Studebaker Press, Berkeley, CA. 1975

"OVERLAND "The California  Emigrant Trail of 1841-1870" by Greg Mac Gregor   the University of New Mexico, 1996. Albuquerque

"Lewis and Clark revisited, a Photographers trail" by Greg Mac Gregor the University of Washington Press, Seattle, 2003

"In Search of Dominguez and Escalante , Photographing the  1776 Expedition Expedition through the Southwest," By Greg Mac Gregor and Siegfried Halus, Museum of New Mexico Press, 2011




HUMO/SMOKE       EXIT 70 Quarterly.  2018  Pensamiento, Spain  (photos)

BC SPACE, Mything in Action     Grand  Central  Press, 2013  (photos)

Altered landscapes, photographs of a changing landscape, Skira Rizzoli  NY 2011  (photos)

Under the Big Black Sun, Museum of  Contemporary Art, Los Angeles 2011  (photos) 

 Earth Now,  Katherine Ware,  Museum of New Mexico Press, 2011,  (portfolio) 

Sole Mates,  Joeseph Traugott, Museum of  New Mexico Press, 2010   ( portfolio) 

Through the  Lens, Creating Santa Fe.  Redding and Erlick, Museum of new mexico Press, 2008 ( portfolio) 

Photography: New Mexico Edited by Thomas Barrow, Fresco Fine Art , Albuquerque,NM.  2008 (portfolio published)

 Visions of Santa Fe , Baron Wolman, Square Books, Santa Rosa CA. 2005 ( portfolio) 

Capturing Light , Masterpieces of California Photography, 1850 to present Oakland Museum of California, 2001. (Photo and bio)

 Marshals Hand coloring Guide & Gallery,"  G & G Schaub pub. NY, 1995 (contributing editor to book) 

 Photography a Facet of Modernism  Van Deren Coke, Hudson Hills Press, and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. 1986  New York (portfolio and article about)

 Crossing the Frontier Phillips, Rodriguez, Betksy & Moores, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art & Chronicle Books, 1997, S.F.

  Photography in California 1945-1980, Louis Katzman, Hudson Hills Press, 1984, New York (article about & photos)

 Darkroom Dynamics, Jim Stone, Van Nostrand Reinhold Books, 1979, NY (contributing editor)

 Fantastic Photography in the USA, Canon Photo Gallery, Amsterdam, 1978 (portfolio )

 Fantastic Photographs, Carole Nagger, Pantheon Books, 1979 NY (portfolio)

 Photography Annual 1986, CBS Magazine, New York  ( portfolio)

 Latent Image, Quarterly of Fine Art Photography Vol. 1, No. 2 & 3, Edited by Michael Beard and Ted Hedgpeth, San Francisco 1978  (portfolio)

 Zoom Magazine, American edition #40,  ZAO publishers, Paris France  1989  (portfolio)

 The Altered Landscape Edited by Peter Poole, Nevada Museum of Art, Reno 1999 (portfolio)




Iowa Heritage Illustrated, "The Mormon Trail", by Greg Mac Gregor, State Historical Society of Iowa Quarterly, Vol. 78 #2 Summer 97,  Iowa City, Iowa

 In Focus,  "The Forty Mile Desert Crossing on the California Emigrant Trail", by Greg Mac Gregor, Churchill County Museum Assoc. Annual Journal 1996-7 Vol. 10,  #1

 Oregon History, "The Oregon Trail," by Greg Mac Gregor, Oregon State Historical Quarterly, Vol. 40 #1 Summer 1996, Portland OR

 Columbia , Washington State Historical Society Quarterly, Vol. 9 #2 Summer 95 " The Oregon Trail" by Greg Mac Gregor, Tacoma WA   

 Nevada History "The Overland Trail", by Greg Mac Gregor, Nevada Historical  Society Quarterly Winter , Reno NV  1993 

 California History "Traces of the Pioneers: Photographing the Overland Trail" , by Greg Mac Gregor, California Historical Society Quarterly, Winter 1991-92 San Francisco