171.osiedle mieszkaniowe Radom(non-registered)
104.Mark Petrick(non-registered)
Greg, so enjoyed looking through your pictures. Now I understand that the soft spoken fellow at dinner the other night is full of explosive wit and terrific picture-making chops.
Dear Greg! I’m at complete loss of words to describe about your skills. You have been doing such a fantastic job. Snowy the Dog and the Frightening Large City Resident are my favorites among these photos. Keep up the good work! http://www.mtbc.com/
7.Rosemary (from Brazil)(non-registered)
Dear Greg, just want to drop a line to say hello to you. I was fortunate enough to be one of your students back in 1995 at CSUEB (old CSUH). You inspired me so much, my life changed after that photo class. Thank you so much for your talent and your generosity!!! I am so happy I found you here. A big hug from my heart, Rosemary
5.Katherine Ware(non-registered)
Great to have this wide selection of your work available for viewing!
4.Philip Ringler(non-registered)
This is some of the finest photography ever made! This work is hilarious on one level, profound on another, and always graphically stunning! Among my favorites are: Snowy The Dog, Frightening Large City Resident, Your Guardian of Safety, Onate Sculpture and Rocket, Inside Airplane, Lightning Struck Glove, Frog Bait, Perfect Vacation, and too many more to list!
Also, this is a great new website! I'm excited to see what will be next!
3.Neil Duresky(non-registered)
Geez Mac, seems like there should be at least one comment. Great site! Great portfolio. Any clarinet pictures?
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